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Pay It Forward Stories

You Never Know What A Day Has In Store

My daughters and I had just left their elementary school after fishing for some tadpoles when we traveled down into town and came upon our city manager picking up trash. We found out it was "Earth Day" and I talked my girls into returning so we could do our part.

When we came back we started gearing up with gloves, plastics bags and reflective vests when an elderly gentlemen appeared and requested assistance in locating a particular address (they were late for a church barbeque). He and his passengers were completely unfamiliar with the area and had been driving around for two hours with no success. The city manager and I tried to explain how to reach his destination (we live in a mountainous region with many small roads) but unfortunately our verbal directions and his inaccurate map were not of much assistance so I volunteered to personally lead him.

It was only about 15 to 20 minutes further up the freeway and down some side roads but they were all extremely grateful and offered me money for gas. At that moment I remembered the "pay it forward" cards that Toni had given me and I handed one to them. I told them that I didn't want anything in return but would appreciate if they would do a good deed for someone else. "After all Jesus died for our sins and we are never going to be able to repay Him for his goodness," I said. They all smiled in agreement and warmly thanked me as we said our good-byes and my girls and I went back into town and finished what we had originally set out to do.
From Colfax, California

Should I Stop, Or Just Keep Going...

It was late on a weekday evening when I finally headed home from work. I decided to stop and pick up the mail, even though it was past 10:PM. As I pulled up to the post office, I noticed a truck parked out front with its hood up and a man, anxiously pacing about. I had second thoughts of stopping for the mail, as a young woman can never be too cautious these days. But I was lead to go ahead and stop. As I got out of my car, the man, who kept his distance, asked if I would be kind enough to give his truck battery a jump start. I agreed, and he got out his jumper cables and went to work. It was no time before his truck started, and he most graciously thanked me for helping him. He noted the time of the evening and said that many people had and would continue to just drive on by.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to hand this man one of the "Pay It Forward" cards. As he got back into his truck, I approached him and asked if I could ask a favor of him. Somewhat surprised, he said "Sure, what is it?" So I told him that I was trying to promote the "Pay It Forward" campaign and handed him the card. I told him all I wanted, was for him to take the card and to do one good deed for someone else. Then he could give the card to them and ask the same. With a puzzled look, he said, "That's It? Oh! I can do that!" His face lit up like a bulb had just gone off in his head. And then he told me of some good deeds he had done in the past. He said, "I try to do good things for people when I can. I know that is why you stopped to help me tonight - it is coming back to me!"
From Weimar, California